Diamond & Sapphire Pendants

Our Designer and Goldsmith Jo has done it again! Read on to learn about this truly one of a kind remodel, and the journey it took us on!

Like every remodel, we invite the customer in for a consultation at our studio, 60 Church St in Burbage, Leicestershire. This is the perfect way to get the ball rolling and to discuss ideas to suit. 

In this case, the customer came in with a Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earring and Necklace Set, and also 2 rings, one of which featured a stunning diamond. We always take photo of the jewellery before we do any work, for a great before and after!

When coming up with ideas, Jo mentioned the idea of creating separate pendants, which could be worn all together, or interchanged. After the customer agrees, Jo can finalise the design.

The first step is to unset the stones from all the jewellery, then they can be laid out to see the composition and see if they balance well, and they do!

The next step is to make the components, to turn these loose stones into a statement necklace! First, the settings for all the stones are hand carved in wax, to ensure a snug fit and cast in 9ct white gold. Then the wire and tube is assembled for the pendants, see a shot from the bench to see the everything lined up.

Once the pendants were finalised, and ensured they all sat perfectly against each other, the customers Sapphires and Diamonds can be set. 

After a final clean, polish and rhodium plate, the final piece is complete!

We just love how the pendants are interchangeable, it really makes this piece unique!

Do you have any jewellery you're thinking about remodelling into something new? Get in touch with us today by calling 01455 635088 or getting in touch via our website!

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