Our customer visited us with the melted gold from a family member's gold watch. They wanted 2 pendants for their daughters, that they could keep forever as a momentum.


The gold had previously been melted down, and as it was a high gold content it was perfect for making into the new pendants.


  • Annealing the gold

    Heating the gold (annealing) makes it more workable, allowing us to roll it out to the desired gauge

  • Forming

    Once heated the gold reacts with the air (oxidises) which turns it black. This is removed by placing in an acid, bringing it back to that gold colour again

  • Finishing touches

    The hearts take shape. They are soldered to make them complete, and filed & buffed before polishing

The Result

The beautifully polished hearts are ready to thread onto any chosen chain. Their 3-dimensional form means they can move around on the chain and be seen from all angles.

Our customers can choose whether to wear them on gold chains, and add some contrast with silver.