Refreshing a Loved but Unworn ring

Do you have any jewellery in your jewellery box which you love but would never wear? Our customer came to us wanted to bring new life to this below Sapphire and Diamond Ring. 

The aim with this remodel is to modernise the ring, and set the stones in in a rub-over setting. We always carry out a full assessment on the ring before we start any work to see what the best plan will be. The shank of this ring is very sturdy and we decided, for this particular case, to use the customers existing shank, and handmade a new head for all the stones to be set into. 

The first step is to make a new head out of wax, this ensures all the stones will fit, and will fit into the band nicely. Once the customer is happy, we cast the new head in yellow gold to match the band, and assemble the ring. 

Above is all the components, we have the new ring, the sapphire and the old head with the diamonds in. The next step is to transfer all of the stones into the new ring for the customer.

Once the stones have been set, its to the bench for one final clean and polish to make the ring look brand new!

Visit us on 60 Church St in Burbage, Leicestershire to start your remodelling journey today!

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