Ring Remodel into Earrings

Remodelling is something we specialise in at Thorpe & Brown. Read on to learn about a lovely recent remodel we completed.

Our customer came into us to have this ring remodelled into something more modern and up to date. Below is the photo of the customer jewellery that they wanted to get remodelled. 


All remodels start the same way, an appointment is booked to sit down with our designer and goldsmith, Jo, at our jewellers and workshop in Burbage, Leicestershire. During this consultation, discussions on what to do with the loved but unworn jewellery begin! In this case, the customer had seen some earrings on the show 'keeping faith' and wanted a pair making, with a personal twist. 

The process began by removing the diamonds from the customers 18ct Yellow Gold ring. Once the stones had been removed, the meltdown can begin! The gold is melted down into a solid sheet of gold and then the disks for the earrings are hand made. We used 18ct Yellow gold screw back posts to ensure the earrings would be secure on the customers ear, and mounted slightly above centre to ensure they wouldn't tip forward. 

Below is the earrings once they had first been assembled after the meltdown. 

The customer expressed that they would like both the top and bottom disks to be the same size, to create a more balanced piece. 

The next stage is to add the diamonds onto the centre of the earrings, for some extra sparkle! The diamonds were secured into the earrings in bezel settings, same as they were in the ring, to allow them to be sat in the ring securely. The final step is to add texture to the top disk.

One final polish and the transformation is complete!


Do you have any jewellery that's sat in a jewellery box and doesn't get worn? Get in touch with us today to start your remodelling journey!


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