Sapphire and Diamond Gold Cuff Bangle Remodel

Remodelling is one of the areas we specialise in, here at Thorpe and Brown. 

Every creation is different, and this job was no exception! Our customer came in to see us in Burbage, Leicestershire with a loved but unworn Gold Ring, with 3 large sapphires, and 4 brilliant diamonds, with a goal of transforming it into something special.  

Our designer, Jo, came up with an incredible design, to reuse all the stones into a gorgeous cuff bangle. 

Keeping with the theme of yellow gold, to complement the blue of the sapphires, a solid gold bangle design was created. It is curved to fit the customers wrists, and smooth on the inside for comfort. 

The first step of this journey was to make a silver sample bangle, hand made by Jo. This is so we have a visual to go off, and can allow the customer to try on the bangle to ensure it fits correctly before the final piece of made. 

The next step is to begin making the final piece! First, we unset all the stones from the customers ring. Then, the cuff bangle itself is made by hand, matching the design of the silver sample. The sapphires would be in bezel settings, raised above the bangle, and the diamonds would be set flush to the bangle, creating a contrast in depth.

Each of the box settings are hand made to fit the stone perfectly, ensuring they stay secure in the bangle, once these are attached, its time for the stones to be set! By having the bezel settings smooth, it makes the sapphires really stand out, this also gives a nice contrast to the flush set diamonds.

One final polish later and this remodel is complete! 

Our customer was over the moon with her new Cuff Bangle, and "can't stop looking at it!"

We can see why!

Come visit is at 60 Church St, in Burbage, Leicestershire, to give new life to any loved but unworn jewellery!


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