Using CAD to Remake a Sentimental Ring

Using CAD to Remake a Sentimental Ring

Diamond and Ruby Gold Ring
When it comes to remodelling a piece of jewellery, precision is key. CAD technology excels in replicating intricate details and measurements with exceptional accuracy. Through precise digital modelling, the original setting can be replicated down to the smallest detail, ensuring that the final piece closely resembles the sentimental ring while eliminating any structural flaws that may have developed over time.
The claws on this ring had worn down over the years, putting the stones at risk, meaning the best option moving forward would be to recreate the ring, using the original stones.
Computer aided design design of engagement ring
The first step is to recreate the ring in CAD software, this can be done down to the finest detail - keeping intact the essence and sentimental attachment that make the ring so special.
3D Design of Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring
3D visuals are always helpful to view alongside the scaled drawing - it really helps bring the design to life.
Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring Repair
Above is a side by side of the old ring and the components for the new ring.
Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring Repair
Above is the final piece.

Learn more about our remodelling process here, or book your own with us here.


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