“Don’t be like the rest of them Darling”
Coco Chanel
Maybe it’s an original engagement ring, bought a while back, and now you’re ready to update it.  Or perhaps it’s an heirloom, and you’d love to make it more your style.  It could be a whole collection of jewellery, loved but unworn, and you want to bring it out of the jewellery box and bring it back to life.

Remodelling is a special, and personal process.  One of our very favourite things to do here at Thorpe & Brown. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to make you something truly unique, and you can rest assured that our heart and soul goes into meeting all your specifications – From the sourcing of diamonds and gemstones, to the design and making.

When we start with your very own jewellery, it means the outcome will be different and unique to you too.  No two remodelling projects are ever the same for us, and that’s the best bit.