Aquamarine and Moissanite Half Eternity

Written by: Ellie Aquilina



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A half eternity ring commission

Our customer recently booked an appointment in our Burbage workshop to sit down and speak with us about an eternity ring commission that she had in mind. She wanted a half eternity style with alternating gemstones cut in a baguette shape. She was very specific on aquamarine and moissanite as her chosen gemstones. So we set about arranging a stone viewing for our customer to look at a selection of moissanite stones and aquamarines that she could carefully chose from that most appealed to her. 

Moissanite is a fantastic diamond alternative, a very durable stone with its hardness only being surpassed by a diamond. It has high brilliance and fire similar to diamond but a brilliant cost effective option for the budget conscious. But most impressive is its play on light which produces the most striking brilliance and fire within the stone giving it that extra sparkle

Now that the stones were selected we could get working on the CAD drawings, working with the specific dimensions of the stones she had chosen to ensure the ring was all in proportion and that it would be the most comfortable fit for the customer and her needs.  

A technical CAD drawing showing measurements and dimensions of gemstones set in a white gold band
Our CAD drawing prepared for and approved by our customer during the designing process. Thorpe & Brown Ltd.

In addition to the technical drawings we also provide a digital 3D moveable image for the customer to really visualise the ring close up and at different angles, and also with their selected colour gemstones in place. This constantly ensures that the design meets their expectations. From here we can still make amendments and additions if required.

Once she was happy with the drawings we we gave the approval for the casting stage where the customer chose to have this cast into 9 carat white gold, a strong and durable metal choice for every day wear as well as allowing the gemstones to shine in their settings.

A digital CAD drawing sent to our customer for design approval.
A digital CAD drawing sent to our customer for design approval. Thorpe and Brown Ltd.

Back from casting and ready for the gemstones to be securely set in place, this is where the precision of the CAD really enhances the accuracy of the whole process, making these truly one of a kind pieces. Our stone setter set the gemstones as discussed and it was back to the bench for the final clean and polishing. Not only does the polishing restore the shine to the metal and remove any surface imperfections, it also enhances the durability for the wearer to enjoy for years to come. Rhodium plating is also part of this process where a layer of rhodium is plated onto the white gold alloy to enhance its appearance and to provide more resistance to corrosion or tarnishing. We always recommend to our customers to keep an eye on their white gold pieces and to bring them back into us every 6 to 12 months for a clean, polish and plate to keep them looking their best and continue to protect their durability.  

The freshly cast white gold band ready for the gemstones on the bench to be set securely  in place.
The freshly cast white gold band ready for the gemstones to be set in place. Thorpe and Brown Ltd.

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Our customer was very specific in her half eternity design ideas, gemstone choices and the style and type of the band so we ensured she was continually involved in the whole process from discussing, sketching, gemstone selecting and CAD design approval. We are delighted with the final outcome and happy to report our customer was equally delighted with her new commissioned eternity ring, something for her to enjoy for many years to come and to know that she played a really important role in creating this hand made half eternity ring. 

The  finished  white gold moissanite and aquamarine half eternity ring commissioned by our customer sat in a champagne coloured plush jewellery ring box.
The finished 9ct white gold moissanite and aquamarine half eternity ring commissioned by our customer. Thorpe and Brown Ltd.
A finished white gold half eternity ring set with moissanite and aquamarines in a champagne coloured jewellery box.
Thorpe and Brown Ltd.

When commissioning a one of a kind piece of jewellery that is unique to you we know how important it is to tailor the process to your needs and to listen to your input. Do you have a design idea in mind? Or are you wanting to commission a unique piece but don't know where to start? Please do contact us on the link below or feel free to visit us in our local Burbage workshop.

Here's a summary of what this commission involved;

  1. We met with the customer, and discussed their brief & requirements
  2. After the design was complete, we showed the customer & made sure they were 100% happy
  3. We proceeded with production & completed the ring