Salvage your unwanted Gold

If you're looking to transform your old, unwanted Gold jewellery into cash, we can help. We offer a Salvage (scrap) service, whereby we exchange your Gold or Platinum for money.

If you're interested in salvaging (scrapping) your gold jewellery, there are a few things consider first. Salvaging gold jewellery typically involves selling it to us to melt down the gold to reuse it in other applications.

Remember that scrapping gold jewellery means you're selling it for its intrinsic value rather than its aesthetic or sentimental worth. Consider these factors before deciding to scrap any valuable or sentimental pieces, as you may want to explore alternative options such as repurposing or remodelling them.

If you are happy to go ahead and exchange your Gold or Platinum for cash please visit us, or get in touch.

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