Maybe it’s an original engagement ring, bought a while back, and now you’re ready to update it.  Or perhaps it’s an heirloom, and you’d love to make it more your style.  It could be a whole collection of jewellery, loved but unworn, and you want to bring it out of the jewellery box and back to life. Remodelling is a special, and personal process. 

One of our very favourite things to do here at Thorpe & Brown. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to make you something truly unique, and you can rest assured that our heart and soul goes into meeting all your specifications – From the sourcing of diamonds and gemstones, to the design and making.

When we start with your very own jewellery, it means the outcome will be different and unique to you too. No two remodelling projects are ever the same for us, and that’s the best bit.


Our consultations are free of charge. Join us at the studio, where we can discuss all of your requirements.

Step 1

Get Started

Contact us with your enquiry. We recommend making an appointment to sit down with Jo, our Designer, where you'll go through all your ideas and discuss designs, options and price points to suit you.

Make your appointment

Step 2


At your appointment we can show you our previous projects, and guide you through choosing metals and gemstones. We can offer stones to match existing where needed, or start with new ones. Once the brief is determined we will refine the design.

Make your appointment

Step 3

We'll document the journey

We know the importance and sentiment of jewellery, and we take photos and videos wherever possible to record the remodelling journey.

Step 4

Finalise your design

Through sketches and models we can finalise your design, before commencing the making stage in our workshops.

Step 5

Your jewellery expert

Our team of goldsmiths, engravers and setters are here to ensure the best results.

Use your own gold to lower the cost

SELL Old Metal Option:  We can sell your old jewellery (gold or platinum) at a local refinery and the proceeds from the sale can be deducted from your final cost.  

REUSE Old Metal Option:  If there is sentimental value associated with the jewellery, we can reuse this to create the new piece.

  • Stage 1 - melting down

    This gold was originally a wrist watch! Our customer chose to have this melted down to make 2 new pendants for his daughters

  • Stage 2 - forging

    The gold was rolled and forged into shape, making 2 open heart pendants

  • Stage 3 - polishing & finishing

    The hearts are polished to a high shine, and chains were chosen to complement them