Jewellery Repair in the Midlands

No repair job is too small. From chain repairs and stone replacement to complex alterations, here at T&B we offer a full range of repair services. With laser technology we can even tackle jobs that other jewellers won't.

We offer all types of Jewellery repairs including, cleaning and polishing, resizing, new shanks, new settings, retipping claws, catch replacements, removing engraving, soldering repairs and laser weld repairs.

  • Ring resizing

    We are able to resize Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium Rings up and down. From plain bands to intricate stone set rings.

    We offer advice on getting the best fit from your rings, and they get a full clean & polish too.

  • Cleaning & polishing

    Along with cleaning & Polishing jewellery, which can remove marks and scratches, we also offer Rhodium Plating - leaving your white gold jewellery looking brand new.

    Your jewellery gets a thorough check over at the same time.

  • Stone resetting & replacement

    We can source a variety of precious and semiprecious stones, as well as retip claws, and replace worn settings.

    Need a match? We'll do our best to find the perfect stone.

  • Chain repairs

    From light to heavy chains, we can repair and replace catches, safety chains and broken links.

    With use of the laser it's possible to tackle more complex & detailed chain repairs.

  • Laser repairs

    Using new Laser technology, we are able to work on the most delicate pieces of jewellery. Taking on challenging tasks which would not be possible with traditional methods.

  • Valuations

    Providing a detailed valuation document for insurance purposes.

    Did you know that the general advice is to have valuations updated every 2 years? Make sure you're covered.

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