Black Diamond Bespoke Jewellery Commission

Written by: Ellie Aquilina



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A look into a bespoke black diamond engagement ring commission

Our customers recently came to us for a bespoke appointment. Together, the couple had decided to renew their wedding vows abroad, for their 15 year Anniversary, and they wanted to mark the occasion with a new engagement ring. The ideal design would feature a black diamond. This is something our customer had been thinking of for quite some time, so she was pleased when we advised we could get in a selection for her to choose from.  This was the first stage of the design process.

Black Diamond Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold & Platinum
Black Diamond engagement ring in 18ct yellow gold & platinum commission at Thorpe and Brown

A brief summary of the processes involved in our commission work includes;

- Workshop appointments

- Gemstone selections

- CAD designing

- Metal Casting

- Stone setting

- Final polishing and refining.

We keep our customer involved every step of the way so they are part of the process and their brief is always being met.

The next step was the design CAD process. Once our customer had chosen the perfect diamond from the selection, and working from some mood boards & visuals we could use the dimensions to build a design that fitted what she had in mind. We spoke of metal preferences, shank style & setting styles, meeting up and messaging via WhatsApp to discuss options and work through and amend the CAD design until the customer was completely happy to go ahead with the next stages. CAD designs allow us to generate detailed models and designs so the customer can really visualise the piece they are commissioning. It allows them to be a part of the process and also harness their design ideas and bring them to life.

A CAD design image showing dimensions and measurements of the ring and centre diamond
CAD design images as shown and discussed with our customer 

Once the final design was agreed upon, we moved onto the process of metal casting. The casters use the design file to create a model that can then be cast into any metal, in this case platinum for the shoulders (top section) of the ring and 18 carat yellow gold for the band and the setting where the diamond would eventually be set. We had this particular piece cast in three separate parts for precision and detail. Once cast, our Goldsmith, Lily, then cleaned up and assembled all the pieces together. Soldering, filing, setting and polishing were some other steps taken as we continued to work on this bespoke piece in our workshop.

The cast pieces being assembled on the jewellers bench
The gold cast parts being assembled and soldered together in our workshop

During our commission appointments we will always discuss lifestyle factors with our customers, working-life and hobbies etc to help gauge the best design for them. Gemstone choice is also a defining factor in choosing the best setting to optimise light and clarity and colour. In this instance our customer opted for a rub over setting, also known as a bezel setting. This setting provides a relatively thick border of metal surrounding and securing the gemstone and really enhancing the sleek appeal of the black diamond whilst providing durability and a seamless finish. And to compliment the overall design she chose baguette diamonds to be set alongside in the shoulders of the band, adding that extra sparkle.

The gemstones sat next to the ring on a plush jewellery box before before being set
The gemstones selected by our customer ready for setting into the ring, diamond baguettes for the shoulders and a striking black diamond for the head

Our customer was kept in the loop at every step, designs constantly agreed upon and progress updates always given as needed so that she was always kept up to speed and involved in the process of creating her bespoke ring. She had an image in mind, a stone she was always wanting in a ring and a date set to have this all achieved by, and we made sure she always felt involved in our processes. We understand the significance of these events and how lasting and memorable these pieces of jewellery are to our customers, so meeting their designs briefs and turn around expectations is top priority for us in our workshop and something we are very proud of.

I'm sure you'll agree that all the hard work was well worth it!

A finished gold and platinum ring in a peach plush jewellery box
A black diamond in yellow gold and platinum ring in a peach plush jewellery box
Our customer wearing her commissioned black diamond, gold and platinum bespoke engagement ring abroad

Do you have any particular design ideas, or a piece of jewellery you would like commissioned with the assistance of our designer? Do you have a piece you are wanting to wear but think it may need a bit of love and remodelling into something more specific? Please do get in touch with us via the Contact link below if you'd like to make a commission appointment and in need of help with your design ideas, or by visiting us in our Burbage studio.