How you can Personalise your Permanent Bracelet

How you can Personalise your Permanent Bracelet

Welded Bracelets offer the opportunity to permanently & effortlessly enhance your look.  With them being infinitely connected to you and your personality, what better way to express yourself than to customise your personal bracelet to suit you?
Here at Thorpe & Brown, you can perfectly personalise your bracelet by adding charms to your chain, either with our Gold Pebble Initial Charms or our Diamond Dot Charms, both made in our Leicestershire Studio by our amazing Goldsmiths.
Our Pebble Initial Charm is a personal and meaningful addition to your permanent bracelet. Initials, be it for a loved one or yourself, often hold sentimental value. Your own initial offers a strong sense of belonging and personal identity to your jewellery while the initial of a loved one can help you commemorate a special bond.
You can purchase your own Gold Pebble Initial Charm here.
*photographed below
Left: 9ct Yellow Gold B Charm on Angle Trace Chain
Right: 9ct Yellow Gold C Charm on Figaro Chain*
gold initial charm on permanent welded braceletinitial charm in gold on permanent welded bracelet figaro chain
Our Diamond Dot Charms add a lovely touch of elegance, luxury and sparkle to your wrist. Diamonds are timeless and versatile, they suit any occasion making it the perfect companion to a permanent bracelet. 
The diamond is renowned for its brilliance when reflecting and refracting light, so if you'd like to add a small statement piece to your jewellery then the diamond dot charm could be the perfect option for you.
diamond charm on gold permanent welded braceletgold diamond charm
Our charms are made using recycled 9ct Yellow or White Gold. Using recycled materials allows us to monitor our environmental impact and do our part in helping to protect our planet. Recycled gold reduces energy consumption, lowers carbon emissions and helps to preserve natural resources. It also minimises waste, allowing for a more sustainable approach to our jewellery production.
Below you can see some photos taken during the charm making process.
gold diamond charm laser weldinggold diamond charm polishingdiamond charms and gold initial charms
You can even add multiple charms to your bracelet if you're stuck on which one to get.
Maybe you want two meaningful initials on your chain, or you want some sentiment and some sparkle by mixing charms (as photographed below).
white gold bracelet with three charms, initial charms and diamond charm
Another way you can personalise your permanent bracelet is by stacking. Can't choose which chain style you'd like? Have multiple!  Layering more than one bracelets offers almost endless possibilities for versatility and individuality. You could have a dainty chain with a wider, more statement one, a vintage style with a modern style, you could even have a white gold and yellow gold combo, the decision is really up to you.
layered permanent welded bracelets white goldpermanent welded bracelets yellow goldpermanent welded bracelets yellow gold and white gold
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