Memorial Permanent Bracelets

Memorial Permanent Bracelets

Behind the scenes at Thorpe & Brown we've been developing a Memorial Permanent Bracelet. Over the years our Goldsmiths have been working closely with jewellery that has a great sentimental value to the clients, be it preloved jewellery that has been passed down or a commission to incorporate a keepsake into a wearable piece. Through this experience, we understand that jewellery can be held very close to the heart, that's why we had the idea to develop a Memorial Permanent Bracelet.

A Memorial Permanent Bracelet allows for the opportunity to always have a keepsake with you, as a way to cherish a bond and to celebrate the life of a loved one, without the fear of losing the special piece.

memorial permanent welded bracelet

We treat the fitting process of a Memorial Permanent Bracelet with the utmost respect as we understand that it is very meaningful and can be a difficult time for the client. For that reason, before the actual fitting of the bracelet, we ask that a consultation is booked in which the keepsake (this can be ashes, hair or another small, thin item) can be brought into the studio and preferences for the capsule will be discussed. We offer the capsule in Silver, White Gold or Yellow Gold to suit the wishes of appearance and price for the client. The options for added charms, such as our initial charms or diamond dots can also be discussed at this point. If you are bringing your own chain for the permanent bracelet, we would also request for this at this stage in the process. After discussing this, a bracelet fitting date and time can be agreed upon. To book this consultation, you can go to the Tailored section of our website and follow to Book an Appointment and fill out your details, selecting Memorial Permanent Bracelet as the Appointment Type; or you can click here to go straight to booking your appointment.

pet urn cat memorial gold bracelet keepsake capsulememorial permanent welded bracelet with initial charm and diamond dot charm

Following the discussion and what has been agreed upon, our Goldsmiths will work at setting the keepsake within the capsule. On returning for your bracelet fitting, the capsule will be secured and will follow the traditional permanent bracelet fitting process as detailed here. At this stage, charms can be added.

memorial permanent bracelet keepsake capsulememorial permanent bracelet fitting on wrist
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