Repair of a Platinum Engagement Ring

Every day is different here at Thorpe & Brown.

This unique engagement ring came to us needing some TLC, the diamond and setting had come away from the rest of the ring and was misshapen, and there were some areas where the ring had also split.

To repair this, we first assessed the metal and the stones, being platinum, the metal needs to get extra hot, so in order to protect the diamond we decided for this repair to be done by laser. The laser welder allows us to apply heat with extreme precision which is better for intricate designs. 

To ensure the diamond and setting is back on the ring and is secure, we retipped the claws which were holding the diamond in place. With any repair work we do, we carry out a full assessment and identified the claws were worn, which can make the stone come loose with time.We also reshaped and sized the ring to ensure it fits comfortably on the customers finger. 

After giving the engagement ring a full clean and polish, the end result is a compete transformation!



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