Permanent Bracelet fittings at Thorpe & Brown

Permanent Bracelet fittings at Thorpe & Brown

Based on our customer feedback, we as a team make getting a permanent bracelet an exciting experience to remember.
This blog post will run through the what the process of getting a permanent bracelet at Thorpe & Brown looks like.
If you'd like to watch a quick summary video, click here.
1. First things first, you will arrive at Thorpe & Brown (located at 60 Church Street, Burbage) and be welcomed in by a member of our team. *look at some of the teams picks for PBs here*

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2. You will then get the opportunity to browse our different available chain styles and test them out on your wrist. This means you can get a real feel for your chain ensuring you are comfortable with your selection before welding. Here you'll also be able to take a look at our Gold Pebble Initial Charms and Diamond Dot Charms and decide whether you'd like to make the personalised addition to your bracelet (read more about personalising your permanent bracelet here).

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3. One of our Goldsmiths, Lily or Jo, will then cut the chain to size, custom to your wrist, allowing for the perfect permanent fit. They will take into account whether you'd prefer a looser fit with more movement or a more secure fit, where your bracelet will stay in place. Our Goldsmiths are very conscious that this bracelet will be on your wrist forever, so do everything they can to ensure you are completely comfortable with your it before welding. If you decide on a charm then it'll be added to the chain in this stage.

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4. Once the chain feels exactly how you'd like it to on your wrist, a jump-ring is added to connect the ends of the chain. Then you will be taken to our laser welder (read our blog post on Our Laser Welder) where a piece of leather will be placed beneath the bracelet, and guided by Lily or Jo you will place your hand inside the laser welder (it is spacious inside). Then our trained Goldsmith will use the laser to weld the jump-ring closed and weld the charm to the chain - if selected. The leather placed beneath the bracelet prevents any contact between the laser and your skin, to ensure your safety. This machine allows for very precise welding by our trained Goldsmiths and the welding can be viewed through a screen. This process is quick and completely painless.

permanent welded bracelet laser welder

5. Once this process is finished, you will take your hand out of the laser and our Goldsmith will do a quick strength test of the bracelet to ensure its integrity.

permanent welded bracelet fitting

6. Then you're given a small permanent bracelet box for jewellery care. Then you're all done, go and show off your new permanent bracelet to the world!

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